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KOHAKalamazoo Optimist Hockey Association (Michigan)
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With many institutions adopting Koha, it is believed that users' group could be formed in future to identify common problems and proffer solutions to them, thus the vendor/producer could be kept on its toes to continue to improve on the software.
Koha is a full featured open source ILS (Integrated Library System) currently being used by libraries all over the world (Randhawa, 2008).
I warned them not to publish the paper Koha e Re, but they did not listen.
The ethnic Albanian daily Koha Ditore said the three were killed on Monday after police allowed them to pass through a checkpoint near Malisevo, a former rebel stronghold in central Kosovo that Serb forces took last month.
The results of this relationship will enable the deployment of large-scale standards-based messaging systems," said Valdur Koha, President of Accordance.
NEW YORK -- The New York Times announced today that it recently launched its weekly news supplement in three major newspapers around the world: Colombia's daily paper, El Espectador; Kosovo's Koha Ditore; and Kenya's Sunday Nation.
The head of BDI announced, in an interview for KOHA newspaper several days ago, that they accusations are intended to destroy BDI and the Albanians as a whole, announcing that soon truth will come to light.
Koha is a web based multilingual Integrated Library System to cater automation needs of medium to large libraries.
Lirim Dulovi, one of the owners of the paper Koha, said Tuesday he was not against publishing other Albanian-language papers, yet explained that he only wished to protect the brand Koha of his paper.
ambassador here, Marisa Lino, gave an unusually candid interview to the opposition newspaper Koha Jone last week.
Intermail delivers today what others can only promise to deliver -- robust, scalable messaging technology with open interfaces to clients, message transports and data stores," said Valdur Koha, president of Accordance.
Tenders are invited for implementation of koha lms, data migration and catalogue digitization