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KOPSKonstanzer Online Publikations System (German: Konstanzer Online Publishing System)
KOPSKiel Obesity Prevention Study
KOPSKeep Off Pounds Sensibly (weight loss)
KOPSKilo Operations Per Second
KOPSThousands of Operations Per Second
KOPSKilo Octets par Seconde (French: Kilobytes per Second)
KOPSKentucky Operations of Paranormal Studies
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Consequently a writer like Kops, whose work remains quite consistently autobiographical in origin, almost automatically receives less attention than, say, Pinter or Tom Stoppard, who instead 'write about--and for--the larger English and European community' (p.
If Pinter and Stoppard show little interest in addressing questions of Anglo-Jewish identity directly, the same can hardly be said of Arnold Wesker or Jack Rosenthal, two resolutely Jewish writers who are much better-known in Britain than Kops. Perhaps the latter's propensity for introducing song into his plays, a sign of both artistic experimentation and allegiance to traditional Jewish forms, is a further indication of the ways in which he resists any temptation to compromise with convention.
Elliott, vice president of Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation, represented the ownership in the leasing of space to NCC Industries, Osage Development, Pines Bridge Associates, Men's Fashion Association and Kops & Associates.