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EDGKKorbach (airport code; Germany)
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NO circle) (Frankenberg, Korbach, Bad Wildungen, Bad Arolsen
A cognitive-load-study using eye-tracking" by Babette Park, Andreas Korbach, and Roland Brunken examined whether the seductive details effect in multimedia biology learning is moderated by spatial ability and prior knowledge.
Continental, manufacturer of passenger car, 4x4, van, truck and bus tyres, has started construction of a new high performance tyre technology centre at its Korbach plant in Germany.
Its head of sales, Marcus Korbach, said: "Customers who fit bespoke content to their cars in the Middle East region are spending on average three times more than customers in other regions around the world in which McLaren Automotive operates; this gives us the opportunity to really demonstrate the capabilities of McLaren Special Operations."
Collection 1 (Mentioned in [34], missing) 2 (Mentioned in [34], missing) 3 (Mentioned in [34], missing) 4 Rudolf-Lorenz-Stiftung 5 Rudolf-Lorenz-Stiftung 6 (Mentioned in [34], missing) 7 Rudolf-Lorenz-Stiftung 8 Rudolf-Lorenz-Stiftung 9 Stadtmuseum Bad Wildungen 10 Museum Korbach, (Stadtmuseum Bad Wildungen) 11 Rudolf-Lorenz-Stiftung 12 Rudolf-Lorenz-Stiftung Table 10: Bone material list of Equus caballus przewalskii Poljakoff 1881 from the open air prey deposit site Bad Wildungen-Biedensteg (Hesse, NW-Germany).
McLaren Special Operations Head of Sales Marcus Korbach said: "The response to our personalisation services from Middle East customers has been incredibly exciting.
But Steffen Korbach, 28, and his 21-year-old passenger escaped with minor bruising.
Fortunately, millionaire German investment banker Steffen Korbach, 28, and his 21-year-old passenger both clambered out unhurt even though the car does not have airbags.
He married Lina Freund on June 15, 1958, in Korbach, Germany.
the magistrate of the City of Korbach in Waldeck refused to grant the wealthy Jewish import-export trader Salomon Simon who lived there citizen's rights, the reason being, among others, that he had been roaming the world for years.
(105.) "Letter from Ralph Collins, Field Supervisor, May 16, 1946," in file Team 51, Korbach, UNRRA Germany Mission fonds, S-0435-45, UNA.
The new Elaflon PTFE universal hoses, developed by Elaflex-Gummi Ehlers GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) in partnership with ContiTech Schlauch GmbH (Korbach, Germany), are equipped with a seamlessly-extruded and smooth lining made of Teflon PTFE 62.