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KORDO'Hare International Airport (Chicago Illinois USA)
KORDKaren Office of Relief and Development (Karen Human Rights Group; Myanmar and Thailand)
KORDK-Optimal Rule Discovery (algorithm)
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Spinal kord yaralanmasi olan hastalarda uzamis yatak istirahati ve istirahat sonrasi dikilir pozisyona kisa surede uyum saglamaya calisilmasi OH'ye neden olabilmektedir.
is hoping to have the Kord Kup in full production and available to the public within the very near future.
Chapter Two, on witchcraft, focuses on the motif of the "evil eye," which Kord introduces to show how the seventeenth-century witch beliefs that underlay the highly publicized murder trial of Anna Goldi in 1782, instead of being eradicated by the Enlightenment, went underground, to reemerge not only in the fairy tales of Romanticism, but also in the scientific writings and aesthetic theories, for example, in Johann Caspar Lavater's theories of poetic genius and his physiognomic descriptions of Anna Louisa Karsch in Physiognomische Fragmente (1775-78).
Spinal kord yaralanmali hastalarin tedavisinde temel amac kontinansi saglayarak ust ve alt uriner sistem bozulmalarini ve tekrarlayan uriner enfeksiyonu onlemek, cinsel ve ureme sorunlarini duzeltmektir.
Norojenik erektil disfonksiyon nedenleri arasinda diyabet, multipl skleroz, Parkinson hastaligi, spina bifida, spinal kord yaralanmasi ve lumbar disk hernisi yer almaktadir (1).
IUT uygulanan hastalarda ortalama kord kani Hb degeri 11,4 [+ or -] 2,1 gr/dl bulundu ve bu degerin IUT uygulanmayan hastalara gore anlamli olarak daha dusuk oldugu goruldu (p=0,03).
Kord and Krimmer cite Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dana Scully of The X-Files as two cases in point.
He commenced his political career as a consultant of the mayor of the southwestern city Shahr-e Kord after leaving university in late 1970s.
Diastematomyeli, spinal kanal, spinal kord, konus medullaris veya filum terminalenin fibroz, kikirdak ya da kemik bir spikul ile her ikisi de dura ile cevrili iki kisma bolunmesiyle karakterize konjenital bir anomalidir (1).
This in itself is testimony to what the academic work of scholars such as Kraft and Kord has already achieved for the reception of Bernstein as a dramatist, and is followed by an interview with Curt Columbus of the Chicago Steppenwolf Theater, who adapted the play for the production.
that your era has ended and thank God you will not be able to damage even one centimetre of the holy land of Iran," Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech in the city of Shahr-e Kord.
Eleven-year-old Benita Kord is confident they are learning enough to get through.