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KORDO'Hare International Airport (Chicago Illinois USA)
KORDKaren Office of Relief and Development (Karen Human Rights Group; Myanmar and Thailand)
KORDK-Optimal Rule Discovery (algorithm)
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Endotrakeal entubasyon sonrasi ses kisikligi ve ciddi solunum sikintisi gelismesi halinde, olasi komplikasyonlarin onune gecilebilmesi amaciyla vokal kord paralizisi akilda tutulmalidir.
Spinal kord yaralanmali 489 olguyu kapsayan bir calismada etiyoloji olgularin %58'inde travma, %15'inde miyelomeningosel, %11'inde spinal stenoz, %8'inde tumor, %1'inde sakral agenezis olarak saptanmistir.
Highlightsat the booth was the GM 6620 Shotgun Microphone on FC 6020 and FD 6120 Conference Units and the "Farsi Language Font" available for DC 6990P Touch Screen Units.Amir Kord, managing director of Cimatech said: " We appreciatethe support of DIS area sales manager, Chris Hellmuth, who came personally to assist the exclusive distributor on site."
The key, according to Plan B author David Kord Murray, is in having the ability to modify your original business plan to meet the changing needs of the business environment--something he calls "adaptive management." And in today's fast-moving, interconnected business world, having the flexibility to change with the times is more important than ever.
Bu nedenle ust seviyedeki spinal kord travmalarinin androlojik prezentasyonu, alt seviyedekilerden farklidir ve farkli tedavi yaklasimlarini gerektirir.
The plant is located in the city of Shahre Kord, in the Charmahal & Bakhtiari Province in western Iran.
"If they think they can use sticks to pressure Iran, we say that the Iranian nation will break all of their sticks," he said in a televised speech in the western city of Shahr-e Kord.
Susanne Kord and Elisabeth Krimmer, who call themselves "recovering Hollywood addicts", have plunged into the pool of films from the 1990s and the first decade of this century to uncover the secrets of the modern representation of women on screen.
David Kord Murray's BORROWING BRILLIANCE (1441801405, $24.99) enjoys classically trained actor Patrick Lawlor's fine voice as it reveals ideas on borrowing in the course of the creative process.