KRNKnowledge Resource Network
KRNKrajowa Rada Notarialna (Polish: National Notaries Council; Poland)
KRNKrajowa Rada Narodowa (Polish: National Council of Nations; transition government, 1944-1947; Poland)
KRNKiruna, Sweden - Kiruna (Airport Code)
KRNKnight Ridder Newspapers (publishing company)
KRNKyudo Renmei Netherland (Dutch Kyudo Association; Japanese archery)
KRNKernel Row Number (agriculture, corn genetics)
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The amount of any such backstop would far exceed the amount of money that would be required to simply buy the entire issued and outstanding share capital of KRN.
2008, Static stress changes due to the 1998 and 2004 Krn Mountain (Slovenia) earthquakes and implications for future seismicity.
The role of B cells and antibody in the initiation of RA has been highlighted by the finding that antibodies directed against glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (GPI), a ubiquitous enzyme in tissues, are sufficient to induce erosive arthritis in the KRN mouse.
Each year, within sites, differences were noted between maize genotypes for both KRN and KNR (Tables 3 and 4).
The current Transaction was proposed when KRN was unable to secure financing for the Wynyard project.
On Postojna 2 z-axis Krn, Cerkno and Ilirska Bistrica earthquakes coincide with highest peaks.
The preposition qdm usually introduces the debtor's name in these epigraphs and has the same function as l, for instance in srn krn 45 qdm skwh, "45 measures of barley (are given) to Shakkuhu" (F.
Excellent exposures of the fault zone occur in the Krn Massif in the Planina na Polju area (Figs.
Karl Kern, president of KRN Aviation Services said, "We are excited about the opportunity to make this inventory available worldwide to all Aerostar owners and operators.
Santos KRN, Teixeira LM, Bravo Neto GP, Fonseca LS, Gontijo Filho PP.
2) earthquakes occurred on the NW-SE trending near-vertical Ravne fault in the Krn mountains at 7-9 km depth (Zupancic et al.