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KRUKids 'r' Us
KRUKuparuk River Unit (Alaska)
KRUKidz-R-Us (Welsh youth dance and drama group)
KRUKartu Rencana Ujian (Indonesian: Card Test Plan)
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He also informed his boss that Atlantic Resources and Golden Veroleum were among concession companies helping to rehabilitate some of the roads in Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties.
They teach you discipline, manners, and respect," Kru Kae added.
From left: | Kru Ansar Mihah, Rebecca Kane, Master A and Kru Ricky Richardson
Tamba Bundor, who leads the team, explains how his toughest challenge is convincing the residents of New Kru Town that Ebola is real.
The Jaguar XK120 Roadster KRU 600 is on offer at Boldon Auction Galleries in South Tyneside.
From my first session, my kru, Jason, was tapping me with his pads every time i lowered my guard, didn't snap my arms back fast enough or exposed my chin.
Aliya Lone, 49, has been living and working in Grand Kru Country in the remote south-east region of war-ravaged Liberia.
Based on interviews with these musical masters, it was found that the rites associated with the transfer of the folk music skill are called Wai Kru, a group of rituals paying homage to music teachers.
Kru Mark Cannon, 15-year-old Polanowski's instructor, told Junior X Sport: "Lee trained very hard for the fight and it showed.
Priyah, Bangshes, Bad Taste Kru, This Ole Train musical theatre, and The Lazy Lizards.
A sample of other subject topics includes afrofuturism, arms trafficking, Kru sailors, Sharpeville Massacre, the WTO, Radio Marti, and Catholicism.
Kru Nam is one of those abolitionists who operate on the front lines in the fight against sex slavery.