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KtAMKirby & the Amazing Mirror (game)
KtAMKrung Thai Asset Management (Thailand)
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Mrs Chavinda Hanratanakool, Senior Executive and Vice President, Property Fund & Private Fund Management, Krung Thai Asset Management Public Company Limited, or KTAM, the manager of "C.P.
Krung Thai Bank, as the underwriter, KTB Advisory and CIMB Thai Bank, as the financial advisors, and KTAM, as the fund manager, are ready to make an initial public offering of investment units in CPTGF", he concluded.
KTAM CEO Somchai Boonnamsiri said the fund's initial public offering (IPO) would last until August 16 for purchases beginning at Bt5,000 and growing in multiples of Bt1,000.
According to the Cyprus News Agency, the head of KTAMS, Ahmet Kaptan, said that when the present government was in opposition, it had voted down all legislation deriving from the financial protocol with Turkey, but that once they came to power they picked up with the implementation of the package from where the National Unity Party left it.
Writer-researcher Ahmet Cavit An and Aydin Hikmet, the brother of one of the victims, will address the meeting, which is being organised by the New Cyprus Party (YKP) and trade unions KTOS, KTOEOS, Basin-Sen, Dev-Is, KTAMS and Cag-Sen.
Head of another public sector workers' union KTAMS Ahmet Kaptan told the crowds, "Despite them setting up barricades and bringing in hundreds of police and special forces to frighten us, our struggle will continue until this 'government' has been brought down."
"One by one we will cut off the power of all public offices that owe KIBTEK money," head of the public sector workers' union KTAMS said at the demonstration staged outside the 'finance ministry' yesterday.
The delegation will also meet Labour Minister Sotiroula Charalambous, as well as representatives from trade unions SEK, PEO, PASYDY, DEOK, TURKSEN, DEVIS and KTAMS, and employers' organisation OEB.