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KUFKobe Underground Festival
KUFSamara, Russia - Samara (Airport Code)
KUFKoordinationsudvalget for Forskning (Danish: Research Coordination)
KUFKidney & Urology Foundation of America (New York)
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This path leads to Qala-e Kuf, the other end of the Darwaz area, which is frequented by public transportation in summer and autumn.
Ozellikle meyvelerin yuksek yogunlukta su ve seker icermesi, organik asit icerigine bagli olarak dusuk pH patulin basta olmak uzere bu kuf mantarlarinin gidalarda uremesine zemin hazirlar (9,15).
Wadi Kuf (Giglio-Tos 1923, as Gryllus chinensis); Hatiet el-Fredga (Capra 1929, as Gryllus burdigalensis); Cheria el Carinaa (La Greca 1957, as ACheta burdigalensis); Giarabub, Cheddaia B.
The ultrafiltration was calculated and monitored by the nurses using TMP and KUF of the Kiil dialyzer.
He welcomed the imminent arrival of Ghana's President John Kuf uor, current chairman of the African Union, who is expected in Nairobi by tomorrow.
At times Jem Karacan played almost on top of his centre-backs, while James Henry and Jo Kuf four, centre-forwards by trade, were given licence to support the lone striker from the right and middle.
The place name Bahha as spelled in Hebrew (bet kuf ayin) means "valley," and is likely to have taken hold because the neighborhood is on the slope of the watershed route from Jerusalem to Hebron.
Numerical values of the letters comprising the two written variations for "line measure" 5 HEH [??] 6 VAV [??] 100 KUF [??] Rabbi Inbal (42) explains that the written modality of scripture reflects an ideal concept, while the read-aloud modality reflects the loss of dimensions and precision as a result of imperfect actualization.
The name of the owner himself, who was apparently a clerk in the administration, also appears to be written, spelled with the letters Lamed, Mem, Kuf, Aleph, Het.
The proportion of patients dialyzed with a hi-flux dialyzer (KUf 20 or more mL/mmHg/hr) increased from 29 percent in late 1993 to approximately 70 percent in late 2000 (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2001).