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KAÖKatholische Aktion Österreich (German: Catholic Action Austria)
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SOFIA research scientist Jurgen Wolf, a veteran of airborne astronomy with the Kuiper Airborne Observatory, is working to optimize SOFIA's target acquisition and tracking cameras and the telescope's pointing stability.
The authors cite observations of the star's occultation made by other researchers from the University of Tasmania Observatory in Hobart, Australia, and from NASA's Kuiper Airborne Observatory. The atmosphere's average temperature, they calculate, is about 106 kelvins, rather than the 60 K surface temperature measured in 1983 by the Infrared Astronomy Satellite.
Back in 1977, when Uranus itself passed in front of an 8.8-magnitude star, astronomers flew the Kuiper Airborne Observatory into the path in hopes of learning more about the planet's atmosphere.
Stoker and others from NASA Ames and the lick Observatory in Santa Cruz, Calif., finds signs of both CO.sub.3 and SO.sub.4 in spectra measured through a telescope aboard NASA's Kuiper Airborne Observatory last Oct.
(The only previous airborne observations of occultations are those that were made aboard the Kuiper Airborne Observatory at much greater cost.) Polyxo's outline was found to be 172 by 134 km, but the uncertainty in the long axis is a relatively large [+ or -] 16 km owing to lack of coverage of the asteroid's southernmost part.
Elliot of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who co-led a team flying over the South Pacific aboard NASA's Kuiper Airborne Observatory, "Pluto has an atmosphere -- no question."
Similarly, the Dunham from NASA/Ames Research Center, onboard the Kuiper Airborne Observatory for the 1988 occultation of P8 by Pluto, was indeed Edward Dunham, as stated in the caption of Figure 4.6, not David Dunham as indicated in the text.