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KurdKurdish (linguistics)
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Unlike the peoples of Syria and Iraq, falling under French and British mandates, the Kurds were granted a mandate-free right of self-determination.
Due to the highly politicized nature of the disciplines related to the Kurds, many ideological elements have found their way into the academic milieu and created constant stereotypes, which have little to do with reality.
The crossing point was within sight of Saddam Hussein's nearest outpost: if the boat engine puttered out and the current swept it downstream, any Kurd or westerner onboard might very well be looking at weeks or months in an Iraqi prison, or worse.
Despite the Kurds' desire for more independence from Damascus, Nassan asserted that separation was not what the majority of Kurds wanted and called on international actors to support a federation.
Kurds who were previously in the position to prove their existence want one simple thing: to be recognized as equals citizens.
The meeting heard that Kurds have suffered at the hands of Isis (Islamic State) and a fierce battle has continued to be waged over the border town of Kobane.
The Kurds lacked the resolve that comes from possessing a single ethnic origin, religion, language or leadership, and were relegated to the sidelines of the nationalist drama.
Turkey considers the Syrian Kurds to be terrorists who are affiliated with its own Kurdish insurgents and has embarked upon a military incursion in the Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin.
Back to the Syrian Kurds, the truth is that disunity amongst themselves has understandably worked against them and they have been used as proxies by various governments at various points in history.
The Turkish-language Yeni Safak daily quoted the sources as saying that military operations along the borderline with Hatay, Hasa, Kakhan Sakisli and Kilis has been halted to resume a fresh ground operation towards the town of Afrin after recent advances of the Ankara forces and allied militants against Kurds within the framework of the Olive Branch Operation in Northwestern Aleppo.
Kurds refer bitterly to the first American betrayal: American Abrams tanks entering the city of Kirkuk bearing the "Oh Hussein" banner, a flag carried by some Shiite militants.