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KurdKurdish (linguistics)
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'Earlier, the Asma Jahangir Panel had nominated Amanullah Yasinzai as presidential candidate but due to his poor health we have decided to name Ali Ahmed Kurd as Balochistan's candidate,' they said.
Due to the highly politicized nature of the disciplines related to the Kurds, many ideological elements have found their way into the academic milieu and created constant stereotypes, which have little to do with reality.
Discussion about Kurdish independence both inside and outside Kurdistan too often remains limited to the moral argument: Do the Kurds deserve independence?
Despite the Kurds' desire for more independence from Damascus, Nassan asserted that separation was not what the majority of Kurds wanted and called on international actors to support a federation.
"I have lots of Kurdish friends," "We had Kurdish neighbors, they were Kurds but they were very nice people" or "Turgut Euzal was Kurdish and he became president, I don't understand what more the Kurds want" are the typical sentences I hear during these conversations.
The meeting heard that Kurds have suffered at the hands of Isis (Islamic State) and a fierce battle has continued to be waged over the border town of Kobane.
In 1920, the Treaty of Sevres stipulated the Ottoman Kurdistan to grant autonomy to the areas inhabited by the Kurds (presently in Syria).
But if Syrian Kurds had hoped that staunch opposition from Damascus and Moscow to Turkey's threatened offensive might change their calculus, those hopes have been dashed.
"The Kurds are a part of the population of Syria," Vershinin further stated, noting that "we know about the problems between Damascus and the Kurds but I think there is a solution through dialog".
Turkey considers the Syrian Kurds to be terrorists who are affiliated with its own Kurdish insurgents and has embarked upon a military incursion in the Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin.
Kurds refer bitterly to the first American betrayal: American Abrams tanks entering the city of Kirkuk bearing the "Oh Hussein" banner, a flag carried by some Shiite militants.