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KREICKorea Real Estate Information Center
KREICKuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium (Safat, Kuwait)
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Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium owns 18.67 percent share of the bank, making it the second biggest non-Jordanian shareholder.
The bank's main shareholders are Qatar National Bank (34.4 per cent), Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium (18.6 per cent), Libyan Foreign Bank (15.9 per cent), and the Jordanian Social Security Corporation (15.4 per cent).
The Societe Nationale Industrielle et Miniere (SNIM) is a mixed economy company with shareholding divided between the Islamic Republic of Mauritania (76.99%), the Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium (7.62%), the Arab Mining Company (6.02%) and other interests which include the Iraq Fund for External Development, the Moroccan Bureau de Researches et de Participations Minieres and the Islamic Bank for Development.
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