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KFSTKvebaek Family Sculpture Technique (family assessment)
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Assessed by the Kvebaek Family Sculpture Technique, parent-child distances were significantly smaller in the JCA group as compared to the control group, and parents expressed significantly more criticism toward the JCA child.
For assessment of interpersonal distances at first admission and at followup, the Kvebaek Family Sculpture Technique (KFST; Cromwell, Fournier, & Kvebaek, 1980; Eckblad & Vandvik, 1992) was included as part of the parent interview.
Empirical validity of the Kvebaek Family Sculpture Technique. The American Journal of Family Therapy 18: 19-31.
A computerized scoring procedure for the Kvebaek Family Sculpture Technique applied to families of children with rheumatic diseases.