KXKKomsomolsk Na Amur (Russia)
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For K clusters, with kxk traffic matrix [T.sub.inter] = [[T.sub.inter] ([C.sub.i], [C.sub.j])] where i != j the inter-cluster traffic matrix defined as
The first step in computing a weighted kappa is to assign weights representing the different levels of agreement for each cell in the KxK contingency table.
[y.sub.t] is a vector of k variables, which is 2 in our case, [alpha] is a constant and thus vector of k-variables (2 in our case), [beta] is a matrix of kxk parameters and [[epsilon].sub.t] is the error term, vector of k-variables (2 in our case).
The aspirated allophones are also found in clusters with alveolar and post-alveolar fricatives and affricates, such as kxp, pxp, tsp, xp, kxk, pxk, tsk, and xk.
The complexity involved (mainly for solving a size KxK correlation matrix) is O([K.sup.2]) per user by the well-known iterative minimum mean square error (MMSE) technique in CDMA.
and [[epsilon].sub.t-m], m = 1,...., q are lagged residuals, [H.sub.t-r], r = 1, ..., p are lagged conditional volatilities, C is a kx1 vector of unconditional variances, and [A.sub.m], [B.sub.r] are kxk parameter matrices, m = 1, ..., q, r = 1, ..., p.
The registration number on the Toyota - DF04 KXK - was false.
In a kxk payoff matrix, the anti-diagonals are those cells in ith row and jth column such that i + j = k + 1.
The fourth term represents the GEI, where [Theta] = ([[Theta].sub.ik]) is a IxK matrix, [Lambda] = ([[Lambda].sub.kk]) is a KxK diagonal matrix and [Gamma] = ([[Gamma].sub.jk]) is a JxK matrix.