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"I was so disgusted I fled the room in hysterics, screaming that he had no right to decide anything because he'd killed Kye.
Written messages, some from those who knew Kye and others from people who didn't, have also been left, along with bunches of flowers.
The Kye couple will be buried in the Seoul National Cemetery while Hwang and his wife will be buried in the Daejeon National Cemetery.
"Our 2019 season began at the end of March, with Kye taking to the podium in the first round of the European series out in Verona and building on the results he got last year.
However, Kim Kye Gwan's statement appeared to reject such an arrangement, saying North Korea would never give up its nuclear programme in exchange for economic trade with the United States.
Newland told her victim Kye was being treated for cancer and was paranoid about his appearance.
The victim claimed she had no idea her close friend Gayle and her "fiance" Kye were the same person - or that the prosthetic sex toy was not a real penis throughout around 10 sexual encounters.
Last week when giving evidence behind a curtain, the "emotionally vulnerable" complainant said Kye told her he was undergoing treatment for cancer and was paranoid about his physical appearance.
Janice Spencer, assistant director of children's services at Lincolnshire County Council, said: "Kye is a young person who will make friends easily but is not always aware of the risks posed to him and this makes him highly vulnerable.
Little Kye has a habit of getting out of bed and curling up on the floor during the night, his mum said.