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KYRkiloyear (thousand years; geology)
KYRKyrgyzstan (NATO abbreviation)
KYRKnow Your Role (game)
KYRKnow Your Rights
KYRKnow Your Rank
KYRKansas Young Republicans
KYRKendal Youth Radio (UK)
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Their approach to Beethoven has been respectful and yet celebratory," Kyr said.
CTB109 and 1E 2259+586 were born together, 913 kyr (not 230 kyr) ago, by the supernova explosion of a progenitor of which the initial mass was 940 [M.
More humid interglacials in Ecuador during the past 500 kyr linked to latitudinal shifts of the equatorial front and the Intertropical Convergence Zone in the eastern tropical Pacific.
Figure 1 shows a simulation with the driving function f(t) equal to the measured temperature and a delay of [tau] (= 1/[alpha]) = 15 kyr, which results in a quite good representation of the [C[O.
The piece, which includes the famous section "Echad Mi Yodea" (originally from Kyr, 1990), where dancers burst out of their chairs, sloughing off layers of their black suits and hats, has become a staple for the company and a calling card for the volatile, in-your-face Israeli dance aesthetic.
000 years BP), with a climate in the Mediterranean basin that was first cooler (between 15 and 5 kyr BP) and wetter during the Nabtian Pluvial (between 10 and 6 kyr BP, REEDER & al.
Paleohydrographic changes in the Somali Basin (5[degrees]N upwelling and equatorial areas) during the last 160 kyr, based on correspondence analysis of foraminiferal and radiolarian assemblages.