L-54Teaching Reactor at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
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Among the chicken lines studied, the nearest genetic distance was observed in BARI and BARII lines (0.28) and the longest distance between COL and L-54 lines (1.44).
While BAR and RIR populations clustered two different branches of the tree, COL and L-54 populations formed two separated branches away from them.
When K = 2, L-54 was included in the cluster of RIRI and RIRII, while COL was included in the cluster of BARI and BARII.
The Ho values in the present study varied in the range of 0.31 (RIRII) and 0.50 (BARII); He values in the range of 0.54 (RIRII) and 0.64 (RIRI); and [F.sub.IS] in the range of 0.16 (L-54) and 0.46 (RIRII).
The number of private alleles determined in the present study vary between 7 (RIRII, BARII, COL) and 17 (L-54) (Table 2).
The reason behind the highest pairwise [F.sub.ST] value (0.35) being identified on COL and L-54 lines is considered to be that the L-54 line carries Leghorn blood at 15%.