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Silwet L-77 at 0.05% (Helena Chemical Company, Collierville, Tennessee) was applied in combination with 2% of Prescription Treatment[R] Ultra-Pure[TM] horticultural oil (BASF Chemical Company, Triangle Park, North Carolina) diluted with tap water.
Each species was tested with the high label rate of Grandevo, 0.05% Silwet L-77 in combination with 2% horticultural oil, and a tap water control.
Another experiment was conducted with a total n = 25 mites using 1% horticultural oil with 0.05% Silwet L-77 after preliminary results indicated that not all M.
The objectives of this study were to (1) determine if Silwet L-77 can be used without causing phytotoxicity to 8 commonly cultivated orchid genera, and (2) determine if Silwet L-77 can increase the effectiveness of 3 horticultural oils against Boisduval scale (Diaspis boisduvalii) and the flat mite (Tenuipalpus pacificus) on orchids.
Treatments consisted of a water control or Silwet L-77 (99.5% polyalkyleneoxide modified heptamethyltrisiloxane, Helena Chemical Co.) at 0.05% (v:v) and the number of replicates of each orchid type is shown in Table 1.
Because Silwet L-77 is not labeled for use as a pesticide, it was only used in combination with petroleum oil.
The 9 treatments were: water; Silwet L-77 at 0.05%; Kinetic at 0.05%; petroleum oil 435 at 2%; copper hydroxide at the LLR; petroleum oil 435 at 2% + Silwet L-77 at 0.05%; petroleum oil 435 at 2% + Kinetic at 0.05%; copper hydroxide at the LLR+ Silwet L-77 at 0.05%; and copper hydroxide at the LLR + Kinetic at 0.05%.
Silwet L-77 and Kinetic were tested alone (0.05%) and in combination with petroleum oil 435 at 2%; copper hydroxide at the LLR; abamectin (Agrimek 0.15 EC; Syngenta Crop Protection, Greensboro, NC) at the LLR; and imidacloprid (Provado 1.6 Flowable; Bayer Cropscience, Research Triangle Park, NC) at the LLR.
Twelve treatments was tested: water, oil 435 at 2%, abamectin at the LLR, copper hydroxide at the LLR, Silwet L-77 (0.05%) and Kinetic (0.05%) alone and in combination with petroleum oil 435 at 2%, abamectin at the LLR, and copper hydroxide at the LLR.
El Sliwet L-77, Un adyuvante organico, de silicon, fue usado para mejorar la cobertura de un hongo entomopatogeno en pruebas de campo realizadas en un huerto de citricos de investigacion en el centro de la Florida.
Silwet L-77, an organosilicone adjuvant, was applied together with entomopathogenic fungal spores in a field trial during 2006 to assess the effectiveness of the fungus to manage the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama, in a citrus grove in Florida (Hoy et al.
The review also revealed that Silwet L-77 is toxic to arthropod pests, including two-spotted spider mites, aphids, citrus leafminers, tephritid fruit flies, and armyworms (Chandler 1995; Imai et al.