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LAALinear Algebra and its Applications (various schools)
LAALos Angeles Angels (baseball team)
LAAL 'Assurance Accidents (French: Accident Insurance; various locations)
LAALove Addicts Anonymous
LAAL-Aspartic Acid
LAALatin American Alliance (Santa Rosa, CA)
LAALegal Administrative Assistant (various companies)
LAALocal Area Agreements (UK)
LAALyme Art Association (Connecticut)
LAALatino Alumni Association (various organizations)
LAALate Antique Archaeology (publication)
LAALeft Atrial Appendage
LAALicense Assisted Access (mobile devices)
LAALarge Address Aware (computing)
LAALan Address Administration
LAALinear Addressing Architecture
LAALongest Available Agent
LAALatin American Awards
LAALatin American Association
LAALight Aircraft Association (UK)
LAALifetime Achievement Award
LAALotteries and Amusements Act (UK)
LAALocally Administered Address
LAALearning Alliance Approach
LAALibrary Association of Alberta
LAALaboratory Animal Allergy
LAALimited Access Authorization
LAALikely to Adversely Affect
LAALibrary Association of Australia
LAALocal Airport Advisory
LAALocal Authority Associations
LAALeft Atrial Abnormality (cardiology)
LAALive Art Archive (UK)
LAALubbock Apartment Association (Lubbock, TX)
LAALead Agency Attorney
LAALymphoedema Association of Australia
LAALeague of Animal Artists (Dallas, GA)
LAALatin American Antiquity (publication)
LAALongest Available Agent (Cisco)
LAAL2TP Access Aggregation
LAALight Anti-Aircraft Artillery
LAALocal Area Assessment (UK)
LAALeicester and Leicestershire Animal Aid Association (UK)
LAAJamahirya Libyan Arab Airlines (ICAO code)
LAALoad Adaptive Algorithm
LAALangley Activities Association
LAALeague of Advertising Agencies
LAALos Angeles Abrasion test (measure of rock toughness)
LAALow Activity Aircraft (military flying exercises)
LAALouisville Arena Authority, Inc.
LAALaser Association of America (now the Lasers and Electro-Optics Manufacturers Association)
LAALeading Agents in Australia
LAALook At Agency (State Farm Insurance)
LAALeft Atrial Auricle
LAALamar, Colorado, USA - Lamar Municipal Airport
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Caption: Figure 1: Infrared spectra of (a) (A) pristine L-alanine, (B) L-alanine-capped ZnS nanoparticles, and (C) L-alanine-capped CuS nanoparticles and (b) (A) pristine L-aspartic acid, (B) L-aspartic acid-capped ZnS nanoparticles, and (C) L-aspartic acid-capped CuS nanoparticles.
The existence of D-isomers may be explained by racemization [22] of L-aspartic acid or epimerization of L-aspartyl residues in the polypeptides.
The chloroacetyl chloride products of L-aspartic acid dimethyl ester (0.10 g, 0.621 mmol) as well as genistein (0.20 g, 0.740 mmol), [K.sub.2]C[O.sub.3] (0.40 g, 2.894 mmol), and KI (0.12 g, 0.723 mmol) were dissolved in DMF (10.00 mL) and reacted for 4 h at 5060[degrees]C.
In addition, it had high activities to broad L-amino acids but not to L-aspartic acid. Therefore, B3-LAAO probably presents a novel LAAO, which can enrich our knowledge on LAAO from Pseudoalteromonas genus.
While most of our strains (60-78%) were still positive and 18-28% were weakly positive to melibiose, monomethyl succinate, D-alanine, L-alanine, L-alanyl-glycine, and glycerol, only some were positive to glycyl-L-glutamic acid (41% strongly and 30% weakly), cisaconitic acid (20% strongly and 36% weakly), lactic acid (17% strongly and 50% weakly), L-proline (14% strongly and 21% weakly), L-aspartic acid (27% strongly and 23% weakly), hydroxy L-proline (34% strongly and 31% weakly), and glucose-6-phosphate (33% strongly and 36% weakly), and the reaction to [beta]-methyl D-glucoside and inosine was predominantly negative and positive with only 1% and 3% of the strains, respectively.
Asparaginase is the enzyme that hydrolyzes asparagine into L-aspartic acid and ammonia.