L-NMMANitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitor NG-Monomethyl-L-Arginine
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A23187 was infused into arterioles first under the normal superfusate at the four ejection pressures and again in the presence of L-NMMA in the superfusate.
is inhibited by the presence of the nonspecific NOS inhibitor L-NMMA.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: i-, c-, e-, and nNOS, constitutive, inducible, endothelial, and neuronal NO synthase; LPS, lipopolysaccharide; L-NMMA, [N.
Although the systemic and coronary vasodilator responses to acetylcholine were substantially attenuated with L-NMMA in these studies, the responses were not entirely abolished, suggesting that relaxant factors other than nitric oxide may also be released from the endothelium in response to acetylcholine.
19) found that L-NMMA infused into the brachial artery had less of an effect on basal forearm flow compared with normotensive subjects, suggesting that basal release of nitric oxide is deficient in hypertension (Fig.
In hypercholesterolemic subjects, L-NMMA has similar effect on basal forearm flow compared with normocholesterolemic subjects.
More importantly, the relaxation effect of anthocyanins was not observed in the presence of NOS inhibitor L-NMMA (Fig.
have shown that a blackcurrant concentrate with a high content of anthocyanins produced an approximately 80% relaxation in norepinephrine precontracted rat aortic rings, and that the response was inhibited after addition of L-NMMA or OdQ (24).
6] Nonstandard abbreviations: FMD, flow-mediated dilation; sVCAM-1, soluble vascular adhesion molecule-1; NOS, NO synthase; GTND, glyceryltrinitrate-induced dilatation; L-NMMA, [N.