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L-bandEPIRB system - 1.6 Ghz
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The landmark partnership is the first of its kind in Qatar, which consolidates all L-band service requirements for the country through EshailSat.
It expands our extensive L-band antenna portfolio and complements SAILOR VSAT antennas, ensuring ship owners and service providers can choose the best performing, most reliable antenna systems for all of their needs, from a single, trusted supplier.
A front panel SSMC connector accepts L-Band signals between 925 MHz and 2175 MHz, typically from an L-Band antenna or an LNB (low noise block).
Terminals used for Ku-band, L-band, and C-band communication, as well as the recently deployed HTS
Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) reported its wholly owned subsidiary, Qualcomm UK Spectrum (QUKS), has agreed to sell the entirety of its UK L-Band spectrum (1452 -- 1492 MHz) in two separate transactions.
Therefore, SAMENA supports the harmonisation and the use of the L-band for SDL in the Middle East and North Africa," said Bocar Ba, CEO at SAMENA Telecommunications Council.
With L-band leases, the services could have a pay-as-you-go approach to mobile communications and avoid upfront costs.
Under the terms of the agreement, RigNet will become a key Global Xpress distribution partner for the global energy sector and will offer Global Xpress and L-band services to RigNet's growing customer base.
The initiative was achieved in the context of the recent decision from the CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administration) to harmonise use of the L-band (1452-1492 MHz), reserving it specifically for supplemental downlink technology.
Thales estimates that over 12,000 aircraft will be fitted with in-flight connectivity equipment in the next decade, and that L-band satellite-based solutions will dominate the market.
DNE is pleased to announce the addition of L-band fiber extension to the CV-MCU2+ portfolio.
Qualcomm said it had acquired 40 MHz of L-band spectrum to bring a variety of wireless technologies to the UK market in collaboration with its partners.