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LCLibrary of Congress (US)
LCLake City (ammunition headstamp)
lcLeast Concern (IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Lower Risk sub-category)
LCLiquid Crystal
LCSaint Lucia (ISO country code, top level domain)
LCLocal Call
LCLow Cost
LCLower Case
LCLactation Consultant
LCLetter of Credit
LCLearning Center
LCLouisiana College (Pineville, Louisiana)
LCLauren Conrad (actress)
LCLynchburg College (Virginia)
LCLine Card
LCLethal Concentration
LCLand Cover
LCLow Carb (low carbohydrate diet)
LCLiberty City (gaming, Grand Theft Auto)
LCLaunch Complex
LCLewis and Clark Community College (Godfrey, IL)
LCLocal Currency
LCLaptop Computer
LCLas Cruces (New Mexico town)
LCLincoln County
LCLeague Cup (UK football tournament)
LCLocal Control
LCLevel Control
LCLeft Click
LCLow Carbon
LCLife Coach
LCLibrary Council
LCLimited Company
LCLa Canada (California)
LCLara Croft (Tomb Raider)
LCLiver Cirrhosis
LCLieutenant Colonel
LCLeakage Current
LCLocus Coeruleus
LCLacrosse Club (various locations)
LCLeft Center (Stage)
LCLine Conditioner
LCLabel Code (IFPI)
LCLabour Court
LCLos Cabos (Mexico)
LCLeast Common
LCLong Colt
LCLanding Craft
LCLittle Child (Beatles song)
LCLine Control
LCLetter Carrier (Canada Post)
LCLove Canal
LCLower Class
LCLacuna Coil (band)
LCLord Chancellor
LCListening Comprehension
LCLogan County
LCLance Corporal
LCLibrary Computer
LCLevel Crossing (UK Ordnance survey map)
LCLecco, Lombardia (Italian province)
LCLand Contract
LCLegendary Classic (motorcycle)
LCLinear Control
LCLine of Contact
LCLighting Certified
LCLine Circuit
LCLotus Connector
LCLeadership Challenge
LCLogical Connection
LCLocal Channel
LCLawrence Central (High School)
LCLearning Collaborative
LCLimited Capability
LCLower Canada
LCLocal Coordinator
LCLine Cost
LCLogic Colloquium
LCLine Charge
LCLeningrad Cowboys (Finnish band)
LCLight Case
LCLoad Constant (NIOSH)
LCLogistics Command
LCLetters and Cards (US Postal Service)
LCLung Center
LCLucent Connector (fiber optic connector with a 1.25mm ferrule)
LCLow Coupling
LCLetter Contract
LCLinear Coefficient
LCLeaky Cauldron (Harry Potter fan site)
LCLogistics Coordinator
LCLoud & Clear (logging abbreviation)
LCLansdale Catholic (Pennsylvania)
LCLarge Crown (philatelic watermark; British)
LCListchecker (application)
LCLake Cowichan (British Columbia, Canada)
LCInductor-Capacitor circuit (L is the symbol for inductance)
LCLorentz Contraction (aka time dilation)
LCLipa City (Batangas, Philippines)
LCLiquid Concentration
lcLoco Citato (Latin)
LCLocked Closed
LCLegal Consolidation
LCLegionnaires of Christ (religious order)
LCLoopback Capability (ATM)
LCLeafcull (gaming, Asheron's Call)
LCLatvia's Way Union
LCLead Count
LCLane Controller
LCLawncrest (Philadelphia neighborhood)
LCLimited Certification
LCLoopback Circuit (HSSI)
LCLaboratory Counsel
LCLate Counter
LCLittle Connector (fiber optics)
LCLarge Custom Built
LCLodge Chief (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
LCLancaster and Chester Railway Company
LCLaboratory Ceiling
LCLymphocytic Cholangitis
LCLinked Characteristic
LCLaunch Cancellation
LCLampert Connector (fiber optics)
LCLargest Comb (poultry science)
LCL. Ron Hubbard Communicator (Church of Scientology)
LCLogic/Logical Channel
LCLabor Capture
LCLauncher Console
LCLacking Component
LCLimited Configuration/Coordinating
LCLattice Computing
LCLiscomb Complex
LCLinfield College (Oregon)
LCLeslie Consulting (New Mexico)
LCLow Class
LCLittoral Combat (US Navy)
LCLiquid Chromatography
LCLucky Charms
LCLink Connection
LCLepidoptera of Caucasus Region
LCLinux Computer
LCLow-Carbohydrate (diet)
LCLuther College (Dechorah, Iowa)
LCLove Connection (TV show)
LCLow Compression
LCLions Club
LCLocal Committee
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Efficacy of L-carnitine supplementation on frailty status and its biomarkers, nutritional status, and physical and cognitive function among prefrail older adults: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial.
4 years) men were studied in durations of control, placebo intake and 2 g of L-carnitine supplementation.
Conclusion: The role of seminal free L-carnitine in the maintenance of normal functional spermatozoal characteristics was validated.
Radioisotopic determination of l-carnitine content in foods commonly eaten in western countries.
Researchers found that 39% of the consumers surveyed were current users of supplements containing L-carnitine, and that these respondents consumed L-carnitine predominantly for sports nutrition-related benefits such as exercise recovery, weight management, increased energy, muscle building and improved endurance.
The present study was conducted to investigate the proximate composition and the L-carnitine and betaine contents of meats from five lines of KIC, which are proposed as candidates for selection, to obtain potentially useful information for establishing selection strategies to develop a new chicken breed that can produce highly nutritious meat with health benefits from the bioactive compounds such as L-carnitine and betaine in meat.
L-carnitine transports fatty acids into the mitochondria, particularly in cardiomyocytes, thereby facilitating fatty acid breakdown and energy derivation.
Studies on the mealworm Tenebrio molitor showed that if the organisms are growing in a state of L-carnitine deficiency, they accumulate excessive amounts of fat in their cells and yet seem to die of starvation.
10-13) Supplementation of L-carnitine has led to significant increases in exercise capacity, exercise time, peak heart rate, and peak oxygen consumption.
A detailed literature survey revealed that there are few analytical methods reported for the estimation of L-Carnitine in pharmaceutical formulations.
L-carnitine is one of these antioxidants, which plays an important role in increasing vital capabilities of the sperm.
On April 13, 2013, a meta-analysis performed by the Mayo Clinic was released that looked at 3,600 patients and found huge cardiac benefits in those who supplemented with L-carnitine.