L26Lymphomas Expressed CD20 (HIV medicine)
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The first one encompasses the six genotypes (L93, L111, L132, L137, L45 and L26) with 94% similarity between the first five genotypes, a maximum 100% similarity between the two L111 and L132 genotypes.
The strains HM053 and Ab-V5 are registered by the Ministry of Agriculture and the others were recently isolated from the roots of the maize variety 'Sol da Manha, in Santo Antonio de Goias-GO (L26 and L27) and from the roots of a double-cross hybrid (AG 2040) in Londrina-PR (4331 and 8121).
Assim, tres genotipos do grupo Solo atendem a essa exigencia: as linhagens L26 e L60, e o hibrido H10.60, com medias de 554,3 g, 506,3 g e 624,3 g, respectivamente.
"Edgo Energy has agreed with the Kenyan Ministry of Energy to relinquish block L26 due to the technical challenges of its location in the ultra deep waters of the Lamu basin," said the company in an email sent to Reuters.
Frigoris (L26 in the Lunar 100) is a 1,500-kilometer-long (930-mile), 200-km-wide arc of lava that spans from Oceanus Procellarum in the west to the craters Atlas and Hercules in the east.
The servo-driven L22X boasts 3-sec cycles for gallon bottles and is more economical than the L26 unit, which molds up to 6-L bottles but at a slower rate.
The Cheese Company's mature white cheddar variety containing DSM's complex DELVO-TEC starter cultures and the probiotic Lactobacillus easel LAFTI[R] L26 was awarded the gold prize, beating 28 other entries from across Europe.
To characterize the immune response in inoculation eschars during ATBF and Mediterranean spotted fever, paraffin sections were stained with the polymorphonuclear leukocyte marker CD 15 (Immunotech, Marseille, France), the macrophage marker CD68 (Dako, Trappes, France), the T-lymphocyte marker CD3 (Dako), the B-lymphocyte marker CD20 (L26, Dako), and the endothelial cell marker Factor VIII-related antigen (Dako) by using the peroxidase-based method described above.
The paraffin tissue sections were stained with antibodies to CD20 (L26), CD3, CD68 (PGM-1), lysozyme, CD43 (Leu 22), CAM 5.2, and AE1/AE3.
Send entries to: Titanic Competition, Features Department, Huddersfield Examiner, PO Box A l26, Queen Street South, Huddersfield HD1 2TD, or take them to Kitson's on the Piazza or Ryans, High Street.
In addition, Webb (2003) found minor QTL on C1, L25 [an unofficial LG with known RFLP markers from LGs B1, B2, and I of the soybean genetic linkage map (Cregan et al., 1999a)], and L26 [presumably LG J due to linkage to an established RFLP marker on LG J of the soybean genetic linkage map (Cregan et al., 1999a)] in PI 437654.
The l26 mg/dL cutoff was derived from several studies in which the risk for retinopathy rose dramatically at higher FPG levels.