L26Lymphomas Expressed CD20 (HIV medicine)
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The tumor cells stained intensely with leukocyte common antigen and L26, and showed [Lambda]-light-chain predominance.
In an immunohistochemical study, sections were stained by the streptavidin-biotin-peroxidase (SAB) method (ScyTek, Logan, Utah) using antibodies to the following: human immunoglobulin light chains (Novocastra, Newcastle, United Kingdom), L26 (CD20; Nichirei Co, Tokyo, Japan), KP-1 (CD68; Dako A/S, Glostrup, Denmark), cytokeratin (Immunotech, Marseille, France), vimentin (Immunotech), muscle-specific actin (HHF35; ScyTek), smooth muscle actin (1A4; Immunotech), and Bcl-2 oncoprotein (100; Immunotech).
P34, W6, L26, T0, NR2; Reached Super-Six stage in 1999
Paraffin-Reactive Antibodies Used in This Study Working Antibodies Specificities Dilution Source L26 (CD20) B cells 1:75 Dako Corporation, Carpinteria, Calif UCHL-1 (CD45RO) T cells 1:50 Zymed Laboratories, South San Francisco, Calif Leu-M1 (CD15) Hodgkin cells 1:200 Becton Dickinson, Mountain View, Calif KP1 (CD68) Histiocytes 1:40 Dako LN2 (CD74) B cells, Reed- 1:2 Biotest, Denville, NJ Sternberg cells S100 Langerhans cells, 1:300 Dako etc
Sections of the lymph node were stained with hematoxylin-eosin as well as the following immunoperoxidase stains: L26 (CD20), CD23, Bcl-2, CD3, ALK-1, epithelial membrane antigen, [Kappa] light chain, and [Lambda] light chain (Dako), and CD10 and CD30 (Ki-1; Novocastra, Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, Calif).
Monoclonal antibody anti CD20cy clone L26 (1 ml) -1 bottle, clone 5A5 monoclonal antibodies Calretinin (0.
WIN RATIO: 31%96/97 P45 W17 D6 L22 WIN RATIO: 38%97/98 P54 W30 D8 L16 WIN RATIO: 56%98/99 P50 EUR28 D10 L12 WIN RATIO: 56%99/00 P43 W12 D5 L26 WIN RATIO: 28%00/01 P49 W27 D12 L10 WIN RATIO: 55%01/02 P42 W24 D8 L10 WIN RATIO: 57%02/03 P45 W15 D7 L23 WIN RATIO: 33%03/04 P38 W17 D7 L14 WIN RATIO: 45%2004 P21 W8 D6 L7
Details are available from the race secretary at Six Hazlewood Grove, Halewood, Liverpool L26 7XF (SAE please).
Mark's Church, Penmann Crescent, L26 0UG on Friday, September 18th at 1.
how white hart lane contenders match up MAURICIO POCHETTINOEspanyol P161 W53 D38 L70 Win 33% Southampton P59 W23 D17 L19 Win 39% Total P220 W76 D55 L89 Win 35% FRANK DE BOER Ajax P172 W103 D36 L33 Win 60% ROBERTO MARTINEZ Swansea P126 W63 D37 L26 Win 50% Wigan P176 W51 D47 L78 Win 29% Everton P43 W24 D9 L10 Win 56% Total P345 W138 D93 L114 Win 40%
On immunoperoxidase studies, the neoplastic cells were positive for B-cell marker L26 and lacked coexpression of CD43.
The Niton([R]) XL3t will be displayed on the distributor booth AnalytiCON L26 - L27 in Hall 3.