L2CLearn to Code (computer programming)
L2CLevel Two Cache
L2CLearning to Collaborate (research project)
L2CLoad to Card
L2CLayer 2 Control
L2CLive2call (band)
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The L2C project dived deep into the question and looked at African industrialization from multiple angles.
differences among populations, in segment lengths (L2-L6) and on L2C and L3C of the left horn.
Pei, "Fast acquisition of L2C CL codes based on combination of hyper codes and averaging correlation," Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics, vol.
L2C digital coupons aren't confined to a grocer's loyalty card.
With this acquisition, Catalina will become a top provider of L2C digital coupons in the CPG segment, a market which is expected to continue its double-digit growth through 2018, the company said in September as it announced the purchase agreement.
L2C is the second civilian GPS signal, designed specifically to meet commercial needs.
Like the RiskWise score, other alternative scoring models began to emerge, such as Atlanta-based L2C Inc.'s Link2Cell, launched in March 2000.
The 13th edition revises most of the problems and adds material on L2C and L5 signals in GPS, the effect of solar activity in GNSS surveys, and mobile mapping systems.
Following a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the couple is at home in Ridgeland, where Kristen is a kindergarten teacher at Madison Ridgeland Academy and Colby is an account manager for L2C Insurance of Jackson.
Government acknowledges global use of GPS codeless and semi-codeless techniques and commits to maintaining the existing GPS L1 C/A, L1 P(Y), L2C and L2 P(Y) signal characteristics until December 31, 2020, when the second and third civil signals (L2C and L5) are planned to be broadcast from a minimum of 24 GPS satellites.
Capa 0 b: 822 D2A, 12 I3B, 62 H3A, 744 L2C. Capa 1: 43 J3B, 307 J2C, 154/1 I4A, 144 J4A, 154/1 I4A, 115 I3D, 767 J4C, 784 I3C, 790 L3C, 341 K4B, 146/2 G3D, 791 L3C, 189/3 H4B, 798 K3D, 151/1 H4A, 946 K4B.