L2HLove to Hate
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However, there were no interpreted faults in the vicinity of the L2H well originally.
Off-Piste won the PHS division of the King of the Derwent, thus winning all three handicap categories of the three-race Launceston to Hobart Series, comprising the Beauty Point to Low Head dash at t he start: of the Launceston to Hobart, the actual L2H itself and finally that iconic race, the King of the Derwent.
The inaugural L2H Race, in particular, has elicited positive comments from Hobart yachtsmen.
Earlier in the day, 28 December, the 21 boats in the 280-nautical mile L2H Race had set sail from a nearby line on the same course.
Williams is confident the L2H will be become a regular event, an "opportunity for people who want to try our ocean racing.