L2LLan to Lan
L2LLocal to Local
L2LLike to Like (comparison)
L2LLove to Laugh
L2LLawyer to Lawyer
L2LLibrary to Library
L2LLearning to Learning
L2LLads to Leaders and Leaderettes (Church of Christ youth program; est. 1968; various locations)
L2LLAN (Local Area Network)-to-LAN (Local Area Network; computer networking)
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The L2L token is all set to hold its Pre Sale from October 1 to October 17, 2019.
Observations of LES snowfall in the vicinity of Lake Ontario and the atmospheric conditions during Lake Huron-to-Lake Ontario L2L days have now been examined and compared with LES days when an L2L connection was not present (only Lake Ontario; OLO) for the cold seasons (October-March) from 2003/04 through 2013/14.
(L1R): Width of the right lobe of the rete at the level of their right arterial root.(L2L): Width of the left lobe of the rete at the middle of the hypophysis.(L2R): Width of the right lobe of the rete at the middle of the hypophysis.
The program evaluation was focussed on the Cognitive Coaching that took place during the L2L Leadership Pilot Program in Alberta during the school years 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.
Here we propose a way to detect those analytes that in the past, have been seen to vary from lot to lot and propose a way to measure changes due to L2L variation.
Until the Lake to Lake Trail (L2L) was conceived, no APT trail system within Cleveland Metroparks ventured away from parkways.
Suppose, in a rare moment of entrepreneurial zeal, you decided to set up a business with learning to learn (L2L) as your product.
On corrected time, PHS Division 1 went to the Victorian boat Varta Spirit of Down Under (Laurie Ford) and M2H winner Archie, skippered in the King of Derwent by Simon Brain, third place going to Jeff Cordell's Host Plus Executive, winner of the L2L race.
Conference: Neighbourhood for Sustainability - from Lisbon to Leipzig with research (L2L)
Web Services are commonly seen as the foundation of the new generation of B2B (Business-to-Business) software applications; it follows that Web Services will likely be useful in the context of developing L2L (Library-to-Library) applications, of which EDE is one.
What turned things around for her, she says, was taking part in Learn to Lead (L2L), a training programme run by an unlikely partnership of students and business and community leaders.