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The Advance Table L2P Platform (lateral to prone platform) is a new lateral surgical positioning system that works with the Allen Advance Table and provides up to 32 degrees of lateral flex.
The innovative, one-of-a-kind L2P Platform offers a safe, fast, and efficient method of repositioning the patient when the lateral procedure is completed and posterior access is required to implant the screws/rods.
The L2P Platform is a cost-effective solution that saves valuable OR time, requires fewer staff members, eliminates the need to lift or "log roll" the patient from one table to another, and provides a well-controlled technique for repositioning the patient 90 degrees, from the lateral to the prone position.
During winter term 2010/2011, we selected four courses that were using the learning and teaching portal L2P of RWTH Aachen University.
For our software prototype evaluations we extracted data for our four courses from L2P, which is currently run on SharePoint 2007, and one a Moodle instance, which was used in one course to host assessments.
eLAT uses a neutral data model and has been tested with data of three different learning environments, namely the learning and teaching portal L2P, Moodle and Dynexite, an e-learning exercise tool.
Since 2010, the L2P program has assisted 3,953 young people get their probationary licence and assisted 9,967 learners with on-road driving practice.
The $146 million Young Driver Safety Package is made up of a suite of initiatives, including the road safety education complex, practical safe driving program, L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program, free licence scheme, community grants, a communication fund and student forums.