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L2TPv3Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3
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The SEIL router was developed in 2003 as an enterprise router with standard firewall, VPN, QoS and other common features, as well as L2TPv3, policy routing, IPv6 and other high-end functionality that enables users to create advanced, flexible networks.
1) L2TPv3 (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol version 3/RFC3931 standard): This protocol enables virtual tunneling over public networks like the Internet and is used in building VPNs.
The solution sends line-rate traffic over the broadband connections, enabling high-capacity broadband aggregation devices to be to fully characterized, and it is the first commercially available network test product to measure the performance of L2TPv3 devices.
L2TPv3 is a simpler alternative to Layer 2 MPLS VPNs.
With Sprint's IP over DWDM backbone, L2TPv3 appears to offer a promising path to efficiently deliver Layer 2 services," said Barry Tishgart, Director -- Data Product Management.