L3VPNLayer 3 Virtual Private Network
L3VPNLayer 3 Virtual Private Networks Working Group (IETF)
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Thus you can have a VLAN for the Air Force that is tagged at ingress port on the EUB, goes through an L2 Trunk port to the ADN and is then mapped to an L3VPN at the TCF.
We currently have multiple L3VPN's we run in our Enterprise Black core network (eBCN).
The need is to configure the EUB ingress port that goes to the desktop to have the appropriate L2 VLAN ID that will be mapped to the correct L3VPN. If the entire building were to be Air Force users, we can manually map that entire EUB switch to have the correct L2 VLAN ID.
That machine, then dynamically gets the appropriate VLAN assigned at the access switch (EUB), is cross connected to the appropriate L3VPN at the TCF and pulls application services from the appropriate military branch.
Contract notice: Data transport service (l3vpn) for connection to renater sites at low and medium speeds in metropolitan france.
The market for the supply of a data transport service (L3VPN) for connection of thirty sites and low flow rates means (3G / 4G / SDSL) in France Renater to 2 knots in the Paris -France.
Tenders are invited for Data transmission service (l3vpn) for connection renater sites and means low flow in metropolitan france.
Solicitation: Rfq purpose: reaward a 10mb l3vpn private ip service in its entirety for 12 months (1 year).