L3VPNLayer 3 Virtual Private Network
L3VPNLayer 3 Virtual Private Networks Working Group (IETF)
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Thus you can have a VLAN for the Air Force that is tagged at ingress port on the EUB, goes through an L2 Trunk port to the ADN and is then mapped to an L3VPN at the TCF.
The need is to configure the EUB ingress port that goes to the desktop to have the appropriate L2 VLAN ID that will be mapped to the correct L3VPN.
Extensive coverage of multicast support in L3VPNs (mVPNs), explaining and comparing both the PIM/GRE and the next generation BGP/MPLS solutions, and including a new chapter on advanced topics in next generation multicast VPNs.
Compared to other types of VPN, MPLS L3VPN is more cost efficient and can provide more robust services to customers.
Through the use of the latest DWDM, MPLS and L3VPN technology, all PHLX financial services and real-time market data feeds are available and disseminated via any PHLX IRON Network connection.
Virtela's innovative but proven virtual networking methods will establish and manage a flexible, reliable and secure L3VPN at a competitive cost across multiple independent providers, enabling L3VPN reach across Teleglobe's backbone to approximately 200 countries.