L4ALiberty 4 Africa
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is written in a moderately ornamented italic hand quite distinct from the cursive italic hand of L4a Ital, on laid paper showing wear and slight staining on the decided edges but with no obvious evidence of folding or docketing.
(17) A later editor has corrected the index to insert the number of the first folio of L4a Ital., "66," and the year, "1594," just prior to this entry; as its foliation shows, L4a Ital.
Caption: Figure 1: Excerpt from the "Index," ARSI Anglia 311-II, with entries representing L3a Latin, L4a Ital., and L4b Ital.
The contract covers the tie-in of the subsea L4G wellhead to the existing L4A platform and the connection of the K6GT satellite.
9 Lobraico Lane, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario, L4A 7X5, Canada
The Communication Project 905-640-8914 Bosak 9 Lobraico Lane Whitechurch - Stouffville Ontario L4A 7X5 Canada Elizabeth 1517 Celia Drive 940-767-9290 Bourland Wichita Falls, TX 76302 F940-767-0114 Laurel University of Wisconsin 4140382-6365 Bragstad Marshfield/Wood County 414-382-6354 2000 W.
To order the book and Reader's Companion, contact The Communication Project; 9 Lobraico Lane; Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario, Canada; L4A 7X5; (800) 772-7765.
The new Paris Classification included classifying age at diagnosis as A1a (0 to <10 years), A1b (10 to <17 years), A2 (17 to 40 years), and A3 (>40 years), distinguishing disease above the distal ileum as L4a (proximal to ligament of Treitz) and L4b (ligament of Treitz to above distal ileum), allowing both stenosing and penetrating disease to be classified in the same patient (B2B3), denoting the presence of growth failure in the patient at any time as G1 versus G0 (never growth failure), adding E4 to denote extent of ulcerative colitis that is proximal to the hepatic flexure, and denoting ever severe ulcerative colitis during disease course by S1 (Tables 2 and 3).