L4RLeadership for Results
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Other examples include from the Fletcher canon The Maid's Tragedy (1610), 1.71 and Four Plays in One (1612), 10.306, 353; Gervase Markham and William Sampson, Herod and Antipater (London, 1622: STC: 17401), L4r (glossed as 'Whence came that deadly groane'); Sir William Davenant, The Cruel Brother (1627), in The Dramatic Works of William Davenant, James Maidment and W.H.
This training programme (L4R) has made a positive difference in my life and I feel better than before.
(9) Naogeorgus finishes his tirade by exclaiming: "For if shee have such force, and can do all that hath beene tolde, / What doth remaine to Christ the king, that Scepter chiefe doth holde?" (L4r).
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L4r: "the Sacrament is [to the reformers] but a visible preachyng." That it is arguably also more than "merely" (as Gardiner's "but" implies) for Cranmer and Ridley does not negate the point at hand.
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All the PMBs were prepared by using a Silverson L4R mixer of 1500 rpm.
(L4r) Like the defiant Jane, Drayton's Guilford expresses resistance through an architectural metaphor, comparing Jane's and his fall to that of a building: "And those which should our greatnes underprop, / Raze our foundation, overthrow our top" (L4r).
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