L4SLink-4A Simulator
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So, it's not likely you'll want to take the L4S into the goose pit.
The editors in Guns & Ammo's offices thought a more aggressive design treatment would have coordinated better with the modern decoration of the L4S. There's a .126-inch white front bead and a .073-inch steel mid-bead.
The base L4S Sporting ($1,950) follows this race-gun trend with red accents on the forend cap, operating handle and bolt release.
The L4S magazine holds four rounds, reduced to two by a steel rod with an acorn nut at its tip that protrudes from the front of the tube.
Like most autoloaders of today, the L4S ships with a set of three shims for regulating cast and drop.
Shooting Impressions I pattern-tested FABARM's L4S with Kent Elite low-recoil ammunition and fired at clay targets with Kent, Browning and Remington shells.
The L4s and L5s migrate through the arterial system and cause verminous arteritis with marked intima thickening infiltrated with inflammatory cells.
IGS oligoprobes have been used in a PCR-ELISA (hybridisation assay) for the detection of PCR products from L4s collected from horses suffered from diarrhoea (Nielsen 2012).
Of the remaining four chemicals, treatment with methyl isothiocyanate and carbaryl resulted in mixtures of L3 and L4 larvae, and isoxaben and ethephon were similar to the negative controls: L4s and young adults only.
Because untreated animals were L4s at the end of the exposure period, an effect size threshold was defined such that exposed nematodes with mean log(EXT) < 5.665 were considered different from controls.
The log(EXT) of L4s and young adults were all greater than 5.665 (dotted line); nematodes that had not developed to the L3 stage were all less than 5.138 (dashed line).
Chemicals between the vertical lines had weighted mean Log(EXT) values consistent with a mixture of L3s and L4s.