L6SLean Six Sigma
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The IPMD is responsible for maintaining facilities, test benches, and equipment for the different shops located throughout FRC Southeast," said LT Robert Reeder, FISCJ L6S Black Belt.
FISC Pearl Harbor management, which has been fully supportive of the team and the L6S recommendations for change are: Supply Management Director, CDR Scott Smith (process deployment champion); Supply Management Deputy, Janice Hew (sponsor); and LCDR Anthony Hunt, Logistics Support Officer and Chief Storekeeper (SW) Alexander Dalampan, Customer Service Officer (process owners).
Using L6S methodologies to streamline the process through value stream analysis and quick wins, the team was able to eliminate several non-value added steps.
As a L6S Black Belt graduate, Wright will serve in this capacity for a two-year term to work on various projects at FISC San Diego.
She soon came to realize that L6S was more of an international corporate tool than she had envisioned.
Green Belts are a vital component to any successful Lean Six Sigma program," said L6S Black Belt Helen Benfield.
Addressing the GB students, FISCJ Executive Officer CDR Kyle Luksovsky emphasized the importance of L6S to the Navy.
For this reason, FISCJ launched its L6S project in early FY 07.
In the end, the SIT team ultimately achieved success by utilizing L6S methodologies and applying solid analytical skills.
TOC, L6S and ISO, combined, make us a process-oriented organization working proactively to solve FRC East's material issues.
To date, roughly 10 L6S projects have been completed and a handful of others are on the verge of completion.
Instilling L6S into the COMFISCS culture is seen as key to optimizing COMFISCS products and services.