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We can talk L8R about bad spelling and whassup with the acronyms -- my concern is that electronics, which seem to open up new vistas in the world, may be shutting us down.
'It can even recognise abbreviations and text speak such as gr8 (great) and cu l8r (see you later).'
Examples of Chat and E-mail Vocabulary, Symbols, and Emoticons Vocabulary Meaning 2U2 To you, too AFK Away from keyboard CYAL8R See you later F2F Face to face FOAF Friend of a friend IYKWIM If you know what I mean L8R Later LOL Laughing out loud M or F Male or female, or person who asks that question POS Parent over shoulder OLL Online love TTYL Talk to you later WU?
AFAIK As Far As I Know AMHIK Ask Me How I Know B4 Before BCNU Be Seein' You BTL Between The Lines BTW By The Way CU See You CUL8TR See You Later D/L Download FWIW For What It's Worth FAQ Frequently Asked Question F2F Face to Face FYA For Your Amusement FYI For Your Information GA Go Ahead GMTA Great Minds Think Alike HD Hard Drive or High Density IMHO In My Humble Opinion KISS Keep It Simple Stupid LAN Local Area Network L8R Later MSG Message MYOB Mind Your Own Business NRN No Reply Necessary OIC Oh, I See POV Point Of View RFI Request For Information SBI So Be It SO Significant Other S/W Shareware TAFW That's All For Now TBC To Be Continued TIA Thanks In Advance TNX Thanks!
Here are some more e-mail codes you can use: L8R = later BCNU = be seeing you LOL = laughing out loud FOAF = friend of a friend IMHO = in my humble opinion FYI -- for your information IOW -- in other words ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing
Any cra| investigators left lef baffled by 2DAY or L8R also have them helpfully translated to ''today'' and 'later'.
She got down and dirty with the brilliant L8R - its booming sub-bass and staccato hi-hats the perfect backing for her relentless flow - but it was the banging closer of 212 that really got the place bouncing.
There was nothing in the 200-word statement about the abuse of the apostrophe; not a word about the incorrect use of the term "disinterest" and nothing at all on the need to resist unacceptable phrases such as "c u l8r".
The conclusions come despite fears that the use of abbreviations such as "CU L8R", "Gr8" and "innit" can undermine children's reading and writing.
The new technique, called L8r, was piloted by the Worcestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership.
'I can't w8 to C U again', 'U R un4gtebL', 'W8nC what I do 2 U L8r ;-)'.