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The vineyard, Domaine Valeta, is named after TJ's wife, Clos de la Tech co-owner and assistant winemaker Valeta Rodgers.
With the Rodgers' backgrounds in the high-tech sector (Valeta was a senior SRAM design engineer before taking over day-to-day operations at the winery), Clos de la Tech seems an unlikely candidate for vineyard practices that some would consider the domain of Northern California hippies.
Clos de la Tech uses whole clusters for Pinot Noir fermentation, hut the handsorting process is rigorous nonetheless.
In keeping with the gravity-flow tradition, Clos de la Tech's third cave is set 22 feet below the second.
Bottles of Clos de la Tech are emblazoned with a dab of red sealing wax on the front, but instead of being stamped with initials or a design, the wax is used to hold a silicon chip.
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This contract provides LA Tech the opportunity to partner in the formation of the International Underground Space Engineering Technology Center (IUSETC) located in the Wuhan's Future City.
Rodgers, owner/winemaker of California's Clos de la Tech winery, technology is merely a means of monitoring ancient winemaking methods.
Founded in 1994, Clos de la Tech annually produces just 125 cases of its Domaine du Docteur Rodgers Pinot Noir, which sells for $101 per bottle.
While most wineries prefer to focus on the romantic aspects of winemaking, Clos de la Tech's website ( and media kit materials read like an enology textbook, complete with numerous diagrams of chemical compounds.
But unlike European wineries of days-gone-by, Clos de la Tech uses scientific measurements to determine when and how much grape-stomping is needed.