LAAALos Angeles Art Association
LAAALincoln Area Agency on Aging (now Aging Partners; Lincoln, NE)
LAAALos Angeles Angels of Anaheim
LAAALos Angeles Adventist Academy (Los Angeles, CA)
LAAALeadership Albuquerque Alumni Association (est. 1988; Albuquerque, NM)
LAAALiberal Arts Alumni Association
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Cardiac computed tomography (CT) scan [Figure 1]b conformed TTE results and showed a huge LAAA connected to the left atrium through a 23 mm neck.
According to the above expression (1) the medium with a full effect of LAAA has its degree D = 1 (a full polarizer).
1, direct security connection between MR and LAAA is insufficient and any information can be shared in advance between MR and LAAA which requires roaming and traditional authentication mechanism as one of technological problems.
23 February 2011 - ICRA assigned yesterday a conditional rating of LAAA (so) to the purchaser payouts (PP) backed by a mortgage loan pool originated by Sundaram BNP Paribas Home Finance Ltd.
ICRA has reaffirmed the LAAA (pronounced as L Triple A) rating assigned to the Rs.
14 February 2011 - ICRA reaffirmed today the rating on a sole Pass Though Certificate (PTC) tranche of HDFC Bank Ltd (BOM:500180) at LAAA (SO).
31 January 2011 - ICRA has reaffirmed its rating on the lower Tier II bond programme of Bank of Baroda Ltd (BOM:532134) at LAAA, while keeping the rating on the bank's term deposits programme at MAAA.
18 January 2011 - ICRA yesterday reaffirmed its LAAA rating on the Lower Tier II bonds programme of Canara Bank (BOM:532483).
12 January 2011 - ICRA yesterday maintained the LAAA rating on a long-term debt programme of Airports Authority of India.
4 January 2011 - ICRA today withdrew its LAAA rating on purchaser payouts of Tata Motors Finance.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 4, 2011--Tata Motors' purchaser payouts LAAA rating ended by ICRA(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.