LAABLandscape Architectural Accreditation Board
LAABLouisiana Adoption Advisory Board
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Laab added that the company has developed a "programmable-waveform L-band signal source" that would knock out any enemy system attempting to use GPS for guidance in time of war.
It was here that Delacroix and his party watched a Laab el Barod, a sort of fantasia and the most amazing show the painter could envisage.
In the first category he includes laab ("player"), mukhannath (literally, "effeminate"), kurraj ("hobby-horse"), samaja ("mask"), mudhik ("jester"), and maskhara ("buffoonery"); for drama itself the two key terms are hikaya and khayal.
The weekend celebration centered on traditional food: many variations of Laotian and Thai foods, including pad Thai - noodles stir fried with bean sprouts, parsley, scallions, pork laab (rice, pork, lime sauce and green peppers), pho noodle soup, barbecued chicken wings, fried meatballs, and more.
La perturbacion de tipo agricola y minera alteran los ecosistemas de todo el mundo y no es posible generalizar el efecto de estas actividades sobre la comunidad de insectos acuaticos, ya que los usos del suelo y gran variedad de condiciones cambian entre localidades de estudio (Cooper, 1993; Laabs et al.
The common employee need here is the freedom to express spiritual beliefs (Groen, 2001; Harrington, Preziosi, & Gooden, 2001; Laabs, 1995; Moore & Casper, 2006; Petchsawang & Duchon, 2009; Thompson & MacNeil, 2006; Turner, 1999).
Laabs (1995) suggested it is not fair to make snap judgments about people based upon their appearance.
83) Pour plus d'informations sur ces differents risques, voir Jennifer Laabs, << The Dark Side of Outsourcing>> (1998) 77:9 Workforce 42.
Mayo Aviation is excited about our new partnership with Advent Aircraft Systems, knowing that their brake systems offer an economical solution that ensures our customer's safety," stated Greg Laabs, General Manager -- 145 Repair Station.