LAADLow Altitude Air Defense
LAADLatin America Aerospace and Defence (conference)
LAADLos Angeles Aircraft Division (Rockwell international)
LAADLittoral Area Air Defense (Navy)
LAADLatin American Agribusiness Development Corporation, SA
LAADLow Altitude Active Deceleration (Airborne Troop Delivery Technology devised by Cytec Corporation and ATK-Thiokol)
LAADLes Agences Angelo D'Anello, Inc. (French: The Agencies Angelo D'Anello; Canada)
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The suit was filed in 2015 on behalf of two LAAD plans that suspected Merrill's $79 million refund to thousands of small business retirement customers -- a portion of which resulted from a FINRA fine -- was insufficient.
Las imagenes fueron obtenidas del sitio web de LAADS (The level-1 and atmosphere archive and distribution system) perteneciente a la NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), (https://ladsweb.
Alberto Marcelo Ferraz Santana, interview by author, LAAD Defense and Security trade show, Riocentro, Brazil, April 9, 2013.
sobre la elaboracion de la LAAD y la cuestion de los cuidados.
El alcance en materia de politica social de la LAAD es incuestionable, supone un salto cualitativo fundamental al superar, en materia de servicios sociales, al modelo de cuidados de orientacion asistencial fuertemente apoyado en la familia para posicionarse en una politica de orientacion universalista.
Segun la Memoria Economica de la LAAD, las aportaciones de la AGE para 2007-2015 son las que se recogen en la Tabla 2.
Fortunately, the Marines of 3rd LAAD provided expert marksmanship training for the troops on numerous occasions, providing them with the knowledge and ammunition to increase their proficiency and, in turn, increase the local safety of the region.
The shows to be sold include: DSEi (Defense Systems and Equipment International; London), IDEX (Abu Dhabi), ITEC (Cologne), LAAD (Latin American Aero and Defense; Rio de Janeiro) and TADTE (Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition; Taipei).
LAAD 2007 Latin America Aero & Defense Centro de Convencoes RioCentro http://www.
Pete, trying to be near his father and brother, volunteered to temporarily transfer to 2nd LAAD BN, the unit in charge of protecting their air base.