LAAMPLos Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project (Annenberg Foundation)
LAAMPLeaders Accelerated Applied Management Program
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Thus LAAMP provides schools with the extra incentive they need to identify a shared vision that guides their collaborative efforts as a school family.
Learning plans are developed through an iterative process, using the expertise of the LAAMP staff, of teachers, of parents, and of other stakeholders to help bring reform efforts into focus and to ensure that no group is excluded.
In order for networks to form, energy - often in the form of additional funds - has to be found to overcome the inertia of noncooperation and has to be directed toward increasing cooperation.19 In the case of LAAMP, the opportunity to mobilize additional resources motivates many schools to participate in a school family network.
One school family network conducted teacher focus groups at each LAAMP school.
LAAMP schools in the first few years tackled the job of creating a new organizational structure - the school family - by creating cross-site teams to identify family goals and to develop strategies to reach them.
Because the basis for cooperation among actors in successful networks is technical expertise,24 we expect that LAAMP school families will meet these goals by creating additional cross-site teams focused on specific goals related to improving classroom practices.
Three of the school families require each member school to have a LAAMP bulletin board on site where information about LAAMP activities and accomplishments can be posted.
Great productivity gains have been made in other sectors by introducing information technology, but it still remains a challenge for most LAAMP school family networks.
Several school family facilitators, in their role as liaisons to the district, to LAAMP, and to other external organizations, have stepped in to protect school families from environmental turbulence.
Prior to the formation of LAAMP, LAUSD had reorganized schools into K-12 complexes.
LAAMP, "The Los Angeles Metropolitan Project," proposal submitted to the Annenberg Foundation, 28 November 1994.