LAAMPLos Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project (Annenberg Foundation)
LAAMPLeaders Accelerated Applied Management Program
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Interviews were conducted with more than 40 school family members in leadership positions, including chairs of all teams and facilitators, as well as LAAMP and district administrators.
By spring 1998, LAAMP had funded a total of 28 school families, encompassing 249 schools and approximately 214,000 students.
After raising more than $50 million in matching grants and dispersing the funding it received from the Annenberg Challenge, LAAMP is now passing on its efforts to the Los Angeles County Alliance for Student Achievement and Families in Schools.
By targeting the root causes of academic failure in North Hollywood schools - unskilled teachers, disconnected parents and alienated students - LAAMP set out to improve a system in which surveys showed 80 percent of North Hollywood High graduates were unprepared for college-level courses.
Maria Casillas, president of LAAMP, said her organization wants individual schools to have more control over budget decisions.
Casillas and other LAAMP officials hope to meet with state Education Secretary Gary K.
Independent evaluators hired by LAAMP said because the program's first graduates are only in their first year of teaching, it is too early to measure its effects on student achievement.
The $53 million LAAMP project, in its initial year in Los Angeles, involves 13 groups of elementary, middle and high schools.
Under LAAMP, the 12-school Birmingham family created a Saturday School that provides academic and enrichment classes for preschoolers through adults.
What this says to me is parents want concrete evidence that their children are learning, and are being educated and they believe schools can improve,'' said Maria Casillas, president of LAAMP.
This is to deepen and broaden reforms that are already taking place," said Virgil Roberts, chairman of the LAAMP board of directors.
In June, when officials began developing the agreement, LAAMP director Maria Casillas said the school district would have to "put its money where its mouth is" before the foundation provided assistance.