LAANELos Angeles Alliance for A New Economy
LAANELearning Assistance Association of New England (Manchester, NH)
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Nii naiteks ka vaite puhul, et oma tegelikust tehnilisest suutlikkusest hoolimata ei uritanudki voimud Soome TV signaale segada, kuna KGB kasitles Noukogude Eestit oma "salalaboratooriumina", kus EKP KK juhtkonna teadmata uuriti "mastaapselt" noukogude inimeste kaitumist Laane propaganda tingimustes.
Erilise produktiivsusega aga paistab silma Tiit Laane, kelle sulest on ilmunud hulk e-raamatuid, sealhulgas E.
Remi Laane, PhD, Professor, Department of Environmental Chemistry, University of Amsterdam, Deltares, Voorburg, the Netherlands
[18.] Kooistra L, Laane C, Vulsma T, Schellekens JM, Van Der Meere JJ, Kalverboer AF Motor and cognitive development in children with congenital hypothyroidism: a long-term evaluation of the effects of neonatal treatment.
Sin embargo, dado que no en todos los estudios con humanos se observa el efecto de bloqueo para todos los participantes, no ha sido posible establecer con claridad cuales son las circunstancias que impiden o facilitan el aprendizaje en humanos bajo estas condiciones de exposicion a los estimulos (Laane, Aru & Dickinson, 2010; Rehfeldt et al., 1998).
Percent of employees living in different counties but having job in Tallinn Hiju county 1.2 Polva county 2.2 Valga county 2.3 Voru county 2.6 Jogeva county 2.7 Laane county 2.8 Saare county 3.5 Viljandi county 3.7 Jarva county 3.8 Rapla county 4.8 Laane-Viru county 6.1 Parnu county 7.5 Ida-Viru county 11.2 Tartu county 11.3 Harju county 34.5 Note: Table made from Bar graph.
While some authors contend that the blocking effect accurately predict instances of human behavior (Crookes & Moran, 2003, Kruschke, Kapperman & Hetrick, 2005), others question that view (Beckers, de Vicq, & Baeyens, 2009; Delgado & Medina, in press; Laane, Aru & Dickinson, 2010; Rehfeldt, et al., 1998).
The Elise had been co-owned by two partners, Ado Laane and Frederick Balster, both Estonian citizens, and had been registered in Estonia where Laane and Balster had their office.
From the beginning Los Angeles provided forward-thinking businesses with incentives and an opportunity to grow and compete in the green economy, with negligible effect on consumer prices," said Patricia Castellanos of LAANE, chair of the local chapter of the Coalition for Clean & Safe Ports.
(28.) Dalley JW, Fryer TD, Brichard L, Robinson ES, Theobald DE, Laane K, Pena Y Murphy ER, Shah Y, Probst K, Abakumova I, Aigbirhio FI, Richards HK, Hong Y, Baron JC, Everitt BJ, Robbins TW.
In North-Estonia, where mainly Estonian Holstein cattle are bred, the regions that differ from the norm are Ida-Viru County (eastern part of Estonian Province), Laane County and the Island of Hiiumaa (western part of Estonian Province).