LAARSLDL (Low Density Lipoprotein)-Apheresis Atherosclerosis Regression Study
LAARSLarge Area Artificial Reef Site (Florida)
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Renee Plummet, president, Two International Group; Mike Benton, CEO, Executive Health & Fitness; Jim Boyle, CEO, Portsmouth Toyota; Bill Root, general manager, LAARS Heating Systems Company;, Larry Thibodeau, president, New Hampshire Fire Protection; Carl Thihodeau, CEO, Tee Enterprises; Laura Morgan, president, Morgan Records; Ron Ciotti, partner, Hincldey Allen; and Rusty McLear, president and CEO, Mill Falls at The Lake.
There is a second describer location along the parade route at the Pasadena Plaza, where the visually impaired can enjoy the parade with their families using headsets provided by LAARS.
2: Bill Trombly Plumbing & Heating of Manchester and Rochester manufacturer LAARS Heating Systems teamed up to give away a high-efficiency boiler to one lucky New Hampshire homeowner.