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LAASLaboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systemes (Toulouse, France)
LAASLocal Area Augmentation System
LAASLogging As A Service
LAASLearning as a Service
LAASLos Angeles Astronomical Society (Los Angeles, CA)
LAASLos Angeles Animal Services
LAASLos Angeles Auto Show (California)
LAASLos Angeles Atherosclerosis Study
LAASLow Altitude Alerting System
LAASLarge Area Aerial Spraying
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At the foot of the rocks of Laas Geel is a confluence of two ancient wadis, which are now dry riverbeds.
In the modern era, Somalia (and Somaliland) have been totally off the tourist map; as a result, there are few signs of any human damage in Laas Geel.
Thus, tests for synthesizing the beam patterns of the LAAs and the CAAs with different numbers of elements are conducted, and each test is with 30 independent trials.
Figures 13(a), 13(b), 14(a), 14(b), 15(a), and 15(b) show the maximum SLLs obtained by different algorithms of the 30 trials for the LAAs and the CAAs with different numbers of antenna elements.
When delivering LaaS on Azure software, producers need the ability to integrate scalable and secure software monetisation components within applications designed to leverage the Azure Marketplace Go-To-Market platform, an online applications and services marketplace that allows application producers to offer their solutions to Azure customers around the world.
Beyond a flexible service, it is important to look at where existing laaS providers have established their infrastructure.
LAA applications cannot be filed online if the property has an open violation for working without a permit.
"The LAA will now form the basis for the long-term improvement of the lives of thousands of people in communities across the city in line with the strategic direction which the LAA gives."
(10) Since states must reexamine these guidelines every few years, LAAs
Despite the relatively low rates of migration to laaS, 88 per cent of IT decision makers stated that moving applications from traditional server environments to the cloud was of top, high or medium priority, with only one-in-twenty stating it was not a priority at all.
Further developments in imaging techniques and the use of biplane and multiplane TEE have allowed visualization of the LAA, which previously was difficult to demonstrate by other imaging methods.