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As a result, there are now numerous top-ranking companies and several major competitive clusters in this sector: Minalogic de Grenoble (LETI, STMicroelectronic), System@tic, the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur secure communication solutions cluster, and various skills in nano-electronics in the academic research centres, LETI, LAASI, LPN, IEFI, IEMN, FEMTO.
In 1960, ten localities of Holocene buried organic sites were known: Rilgimae (Thomson 1933), Paardu (Laasi 1937), Kallavere, Melahtme, Voidu, Jarise, Mustajoe (later renamed as Sikaselja), Piirsalu, Laitse, and Vakalepa (Kessel 1960; a database of Holocene buried organic sediments.
Director Mines and Minerals Lasbela Haji Ameer Hussain Laasi was chief guest of the first match, who was presented Ajarak by the event organisers.
The protest was led by Waseem Laasi, Noshad, Qadir and others.
Police said that the three suspected persons who were identified as Mazeb Baloch, Gul Khan and Abdullah Laasi, were running drug and gambling dens in old Sabzi Mandi area of Karachi.
Die Estnische Landwirtschaft wahrend der Sowjetperiode 1945-1972.--Acta Baltica, 1974, XIII; Laasi, E.