LAAVLibera Associazione Anziani Venegonesi (Italian elderly association)
LAAVLight Anti-Armor Vehicle
LAAVLos Angeles Abrasion Value (geology)
LAAVLight ASW Airborne Vehicle
LAAVLaboratory for Active and Attentive Vision (University of Toronto; Canada)
LAAVLeft Atrial Appendage Velocity (cardiology)
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Spontaneous nonspiking oscillations in LAAV muscle membrane potential, with concurrent contraction and relaxation of the valves, were often observed in the present study.
mantis, a branch of each of the segmental nerves supplying a cardioarterial valve passes across the heart to innervate the contralateral valve in the same segment, much in the same way that LAAV nerves innervate both valves within a segment in H.
This paper investigates the role of the LAAVs in controlling hemolymph flow in this part of the circulation in H.
Spontaneous rhythmic contractions of LAAVs were frequently observed in saline-perfused arteries.
The activity of spontaneously contracting LAAVs was modified by both ACh and GABA.
Instead the segmental LAAVs provide the only sites to regulate flow into and through the DAA.
The nerves supplying the LAAVs were first identified in Potamobius astacus by Alexandrowicz (1932a), who referred to them as the nervi segmentales aortae abdominalis.
Flow into the sternal artery would, however, be indirectly reduced if the cardioarterial valves of other arteries and LAAVs were to dilate, lowering the relative flow resistances of other arterial pathways out of the heart.
Apart from the LAAVs of macrurans, very little is known about such peripheral sites of control of hemolymph flow in decapods.