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Poets closely associated with music include Saint-Gelais, who led an exemplary career as a poet-musician; Labe, whose skill as a lutenist was frequently praised by her contemporaries; and Tyard, whose Solitaire second of 1555 was one of the earliest and most comprehensive general treatises on music to appear in the vernacular in France.
The Group currently holds an Exploitation Licence at its Bel Air Project, as well as bauxite Exploration Licences; the Bel Air North Project located in the Boffa region of western Guinea, adjacent to the Bel Air Exploitation Licence and the Labe Project in central Guinea.
Esse lugar-comum literario, de acordo com o autor, e excepcionalmente superado, atraves da voz de uma mulher como Louise Labe (Desaive, 1998), que se impoe como enunciadora feminina portadora de um discurso lirico condizente com a estetica renascentista, mas criticado pelo tom confessional que expunha a vida da poetisa.
The second concept, also extensively discussed by scholars, relates to ways in which the works by Christine and Labe speak simultaneously within and against the dominant discursive models of their times--courtly lyricism and clerkly erudition in the case of Christine; Petrarchism colored by Neoplatonic and Ovidian influences for Labe.
Instead, the works of these women, and others including Andreini and Labe, denote a distinction between ideal images and real bodies, exposing the inherent Narcissism of Petrarchan beloveds and but also revealing the legitimate passions of real women through the very exempla they embody as female writers.
The majority of the articles have been published before in other journals, such as, for example, Francois Rigolot's 'Louise Labe et les "Dames Lionnoises"',Gisele Mathieu-Castellani's 'Les marques du feminin dans la parole amoureuse de Louise Labe', and both of Paolo Baudini's articles.
Not surprisingly, longer discussions are devoted to the more well-known writers, who have made their way back into the mainstream of French literature: Marie de France and Christine de Pizan for the Middle Ages, and Marguerite de Navarre and Louise Labe.
Labe makes extensive use of the conventions employed by Tibullus, Propertius, and Ovid, the three foremost Roman elegists.
But in 1990, after about 85 years in business, the leaders at Labe Bank decided that the institution could not continue to survive and prosper unless managers initiated some organizational changes.
I don't think you can wander very far off,'' Labe said.
Labe Scheinberg of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and Drs.
Labe, who oversees the tea selection and service at New York's Heartbeat restaurant, has made waves in the restaurant world for invigorating the idea that quality teas and fine-dining go together like, well, Earl Grey and lemon.