LABPLocal Accountability Bonus Program (North Carolina)
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"In the LABP, the technique of abdominoplasty itself has been changed considerably with the result that the combination is not only safe but actually safer than the classical technique."
Now an accepted technique with important studies emerging from various other countries like Brazil and France attesting to the safety and efficacy of LABP, could this become the popular alternative to CABP?
"Anything new takes some convincing and in general newer procedures invented elsewhere are adopted by the USA rather late," he says, adding that since LABP was mainly a Brazilian or French technique, it took time to be widely adopted.
Giving patients "better contouring, better blood supply of the skin flap and better nerve sensibility", Dr Rangaswamy says LABP leads to fewer complications and nowadays some surgeons have no need to use drains, like in classical abdominoplasty surgery.
According to Dr Rangaswamy, “With LABP, extensive liposuction is done first before cutting the skin, unlike a traditional abdominoplasty where the patient will often undergo a secondary procedure to remove the fat.
The three major problems of classical abdominoplasty, namely seroma, skin necrosis and fat necrosis, are eliminated by LABP. Since necrosis and poor blood supply are important causes of infection, the incidence of infection is also reduced.
Tummy tucks using LABP form about 20% of Dr Rangaswamy's aesthetic surgeries.
A grossly obese person must lose weight before being accepted for LABP. Whatever is behind the outer fat layers of the abdomen is considered 'visceral' and cannot be removed by liposuction,” highlighted Dr Rangaswamy.