LABRELiga Brasileira de Radioamadores (Brazil)
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During their games, their bounds, while rivalling each other in beauty, brightness, and velocity, I distinguished the green labre; the banded mullet, marked by a double line of black; the round-tailed goby, of a white colour, with violet spots on the back; the Japanese scombrus, a beautiful mackerel of these seas, with a blue body and silvery head; the brilliant azurors, whose name alone defies description; some banded spares, with variegated fins of blue and yellow; the woodcocks of the seas, some specimens of which attain a yard in length; Japanese salamanders, spider lampreys, serpents six feet long, with eyes small and lively, and a huge mouth bristling with teeth; with many other species.
The city council set up Labre House in Camden Street in 2017 as one of the first dedicated rough sleeper night shelters to be open all year round in the country.
Labre Indian School network and currently boasts two campuses--a dual-language preschool in Lodge Grass and a K-8 school in St.
6 June 2018 - Canada-based human resources firm Optimum Talent has acquired Canada-based human resources firm Vezina Nadeau Labre (VNL), the company said.
The eldest among 15 children, Saint Benedict Joseph Labre was born on March 26, 1748, to well-to-do parents in Amettes, near Boulogne, France.
Labre's music teacher, developed a catalog of student songs over the years.
- Dre Labre, Partner, Creative Director, Rethink, Canada
Neoclassicism shows its austere face in Ingres' Idealised portrait of Benoit-Joseph Labre, called Saint Labre (c.
Another had experienced a run of bad candidates and turned Labre away because of his precarious health.