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Kits used in this study were purchased from the following companies: Leptin ELISA (BioVendor, Czech Republic), APA and ACA ELISA (Orgentech Diagnostica GmbH, Mainz, Germany), ANA and anti-dsDNA ELISA (Aesku Diagnostics, Wendelsheim, Germany), TgAbs and TPOAbs CLEIA (DiaSorin, Antony, France), AT-III Abs, and LACAbs CLEIA (Diag nostica Stago, Asnieres, France).
Minimal detection levels of commercial kits for Leptin, anti-dsDNA, LACAbs, APA, ACA, Tg Abs, TPOAbs and AT-III Abs were 0.17 ng/ml, 1 U/ml, 3 sec, 0.5 IU/ml, 1 IU/ml, 0.8 IU/mL, 6 IU/mL and 9% activity, respectively.
Serum levels of leptin and autoantibodies: All 39 women with IRA had normal values of anti-dsDNA (cut-off point >16U/ml), LACAbs (cut-off point >50 seconds), APA (cut-off point >10 IU/ml) and ACA (cut-off point >10 IU/ml), but one case (2.6%) showed an increased level of AT-III Abs (cut-off point >120% activity).