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Language, then, works as a tool to give an account of the region lacked of a proper category, surrounding the subject through unconscious fantasies: "(...) prendre le langage comme ce qui fonctionne pour suppleer l'absence de la seule part du reel qui ne puisse pas venir a se former de l'etre, a savoir le rapport sexuel" (Lacan, 1975b: 47).
Wahl fue paciente de Lacan entre 1954 y 1960, repondant del seminario y editor (en Seuil, donde trabajaba desde 1957) de los Escritos en 1966.
In the third part of his book, Finkelde looks to Lacan for a deeper understanding of the idea of excessive subjectivity.
In order to find a more concrete and solid version of such a notion of happiness that cannot be reduced to an episodic phenomenon, and is not based on an illusion, I will turn my focus to Lacan's work, (3) and in particular to Seminar VII.