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According to a report, Pendado was driving a sidecar with Lacar as passenger southwards along East Service Road in Valenzuela City at about 4:30 a.m.
Lacar who was led in evidence by the Lagos State Prosecutor, Monsisola Osibogun, positively identified Adebayo Yinka aka Osho, Ogunsumbo Seun aka Apa and Awokoya Ishau as his abductors.
--Yuco-Neuquen (YC), fuente secundaria en una playa cercana a la localidad de Yuco, en la costa centro-norte del lago Lacar (Lopez et al.
The authors thank to the Wastewater and Water Quality Laboratory (EQUAL) from the Institute of Marine Sciences (LABOMAR) of the Federal University of Ceara (UFC) and to the Shrimp Laboratory (LACAR) of the University of Ceara State for their support on laboratory infrastructure; to the Water Resources Company of the Ceara State--(COGERH) for supporting the samplings; to the Ceara State Foundation for Scientific Development Support (FUNCAP) by granting scholarships and funds for the research.
Esto ademas se dio por el incremento de los incidentes fronterizos entre 1899 y 1900, los reclamos por la fundacion de San Martin de los Andes y la ocupacion del lago Lacar, y en 1901, las incursiones policiales argentinas en Ultima Esperanza.
Argentina: islas Falkland (Malvinas) (51[grados]49'S, 59[grados]22'W), lago Argentino (50[grados]15'S, 72[grados]33'W), Puerto Bandera (50[grados]18'S, 72[grados]47'W); laguna Larga, Futalaufquen (42[grados]50'S, 71[grados]41'W); lago Lacar (40[grados]10'S, 71[grados]22'W) (Dos Santos et al., 2008); arroyo Horqueta, ciudad de Arrefices, Provincia de Buenos Aires (34[grados]04'S, 60[grados]06'W) (Jergentz et al., 2004); rio Lujan (34[grados]28'S, 59[grados]00'W) (Casset et al., 2001); rio Samborombon I Brandsen (35[grados]07'S, 60[grados]30'W); rio Samborombom II Chascomus (35[grados]34'S, 58[grados]02'W); rio Samborombom III, bahia Samborombom (35[grados]50'S, 57[grados]23'W) (Spaccesi & Rodrigues, 2009).
Over the next few days, I travelled along the route of the Lacar, Machonico, Falkner, Villarino, Escondido, Pichi Traful, Correntoso, Espejo, and Nahuel Huapi lakes and found thousands of images of a land of contrasts: faces weathered by sun and wind, glacier covered mountain ranges, desert plains, impenetrable forests, indescribably beautiful lakes--images and memories engraved on the soul.
(2000): "Analisis comparativo de sitios con pictografias en ambientes lacustres boscosos de Patagonia septentrional: lagos Lacar y Nahuel Huapi (provincias del Neuquen y de Rio Negro)".