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LACCALima/Allen Council on Community Affairs (Ohio)
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Tambien en Cataluna, igual que otras areas mediterraneas, son comunes los ejemplares de tocador y mobiliario diverso trabajados a la manera de la china, con policromias acharoladas y barnices que emulan la prestigiosa laca oriental y tambien algunos incluyen figuras en lacca contrafatta.
A Goma Laca e uma secrecao para autoprotecao do pequeno inseto Coccus lacca, originario da India e Malasia.
In the second race LACCA WHO (4) should produce his usual early pace and enjoy a solo with the likelihood of trouble in behind.
The 270 acres around their home at Court Lacca, Felinfach, have 1,000 ewes and 33 suckler cows, and produce 40 acres of combinable crops and 35 acres of swedes and turnips.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 9, 2005 - (JCNN) - Ivy Cosmetics (TSE: 4918) announced on August 5 that it has identified a unique property of shellac, a natural resin secreted by insect Laccifera Lacca.
They called this varnish lacca, after the Hindi for it, and used the same name for the varnish from lacquer trees they found being used for gorgeous finishes in Japan--hence, the generic English version 'lacquer' and a good deal of confusion ever since.
If there is one style of furniture that conjures up eighteenth-century Venice it is imitation lacquer (or lacca povera).